Despair, Disappointment & Distress, the 3D’s which are undesirable, yet a part of ones natural term of life.

Time is the only ointment that heals the wounds that give you this 3D effect.

Nothing else.



Royal Bengal Tiger

Like an arrow, placed on a bowstring, stretched for hours and hours, facing targets that fluctuate every second, hovering in pursuit of stability, always relentless yet eye on the target…that’s the gracious Royal Bengal Tiger.

Love the Tiger. He has a right to LIVE.


Men Vs Machines

Problem is often with the machine, but the real problem is with men because machine is a product of human brain. Human problems are complex, and the complexity is more than that of any machine problem.
If a machine breaks, one can fix it. If a man dies, no one can fix it. If we cannot fix it, we have no right to break it.

“He was riding with the wind, without any halt,
A nap was all he took, kept riding without any fault”

In search of virtue, Napoleon, a very read figure, revolutionized Europe until he was caught by the wicked English Army, and later on, he was kept in captivity on an island. They asked them if he wants anything in prison, and the genius only said:


He read volumes of books, and continued reading till his last days.

As per an old story, he spared Göttingen from bombing….D’you know why?
Gauss, the great mathematician lived there, and he had high respect for Gauss.

Rest is history.

-S.S., Amd, Guj.

An uneducated man, in terms of the so called “education” introduced in India by the Alien-Brits, rose to become the biggest business tycoon in spite of all odds….let us not thrust our hands in searching “how” n “when”.

Perhaps, this statement is enough to identify him:

“It is not about meeting the deadlines, but about beating it.”

-S.S., Amd, Guj.

Question ?

“If it is a part of your job to do something which is questionable, will you do it just because it is a part of your job ?”

For Example: “A man is burning himself because of poverty, and you represent a News Channel/News Paper. You have been sent to the site to cover this event. Will you save the man or will you take his photographs while he is dieing ?”


The Brits ruled India for more than two hundred years, and greatly influenced our education system. Birth of the term “Swadesi” was a result of educationists like Justice Ranade, Tilak, and Dadabhai Naoroji who belonged to the first league of Indians receiving western education, but at the same time, there was a negative side effect of this system which produced a large breed of clerks (Babu) and ICS officers serving the Brits on their commands.
That era has passed, still we encounter a similar situation. Today, our education system is greatly influenced by the Am’s. Birth and nourishment of IIT’s and IIM ‘s is a result of Am-influence, and India has produced some high class intellectuals, but at the same time there is a breed of slaves or cheap laborers blindly following the American-trend.
Of course, we do live in an era of globalization, but concept of nationalism has not perished yet. If we make money by polishing the Am-boots, we may get richer but we tend to lose our own identity.
Outsourcing is not harmful, but “Just-Outsourcing” is! We ought to take our country seriously as well. Some good initiatives are pending…..

Suggestions awaited!